• Location: Gloucester, MA

Over the Cove:

Originally a post office over a century ago, this building hovers over the water sheet of Lobster Cove in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The building was not structurally sound enough to renovate so it was replaced by new construction. Waterfront regulations required that the new building follow the original footprint. This created some space constraints in meeting the owner’s goals but by approaching the challenge creatively these constraints generated an intimate cottage with panoramic

views of the cove. Highlights include carefully integrated built-ins which capitalize on small spaces and make them feel bigger. The most unusual feature is a wine cork serving counter. Over the years the owner collected an interesting assortment of corks which held many memories of events in her life. The corks were carefully sorted and embedded in resin to form a fully recognizable and readable “story” of the important celebrations and toasts in her life.

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