• Location: Gloucester, MA


What is now a Queen Ann Confection started life as a fairly plain, vernacular style Victorian cottage. The entire house was carefully lifted off its marginal stone pier foundation so that a full basement and proper foundation could be installed. Once the building was set back down on its new base, next steps included a full interior renovation, a substantial addition, and a period inspired re-detailing of the entire wrap around porch. The delicately detailed spiral turned columns and decorative rail elements were all crafted by a local

woodworker. The porch, all of its own, is a delightful place to linger. The exquisitely layered view from the porch is enhanced by the newly landscaped yard that frames the local beach and Atlantic Ocean beyond. The interior is full of decorative arts and faux finishes executed by local artisans. A recent construction phase just completed on the property includes a three-car garage which is partially underground. This makes the relatively large structure appear as though it is a tiny, picturesque, two bay carriage house.

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