• Located: Gloucester, MA

Hidden Away:

This six thousand square foot coastal residence was very carefully sited and designed so that it meets the neighborhood like a small cottage but lives like a gracious and spacious open plan loft. This was accomplished by careful protection of the natural site even though the design required blasting straight down through twelve feet of ledge. On the uphill side of the house, upon completion, all of the native trees, shrubs, ground cover, moss, and lichen where untouched right up to within a

couple feet of the house. The resulting cost of landscaping the front area of the house is negligible. In addition through the careful placement of windows, the interior feels anchored into the woodland site while commanding the water view beyond. The slope of the site was utilized to create one floor living on what is ground level on the street side but up a full story on the waterside. This capitalizes on view and privacy. The lower level provides ample guest and support space.

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