• Located: Sharon, CT

Connecticut Landscape Collaboration:

At Poore & Co. the term collaboration has many layers of meaning. The first element of collaboration is the synergy of people working toward a common goal. In this case the owner was studying landscape design and using this six-acre property in Connecticut as a test kitchen to try out her ideas. Poore & Co. provided collaborative master planning guidance in the landscape design process, as well as a comprehensive interior renovation of the 5,000 SF barn residence. A new pergola was added to create an intimate outdoor room and also to frame the view of the Berkshires in the distance. A deeper level of collaboration

was achieved in this project in that the landscape design interventions were conceived as a seamless tapestry woven into the beauty of the existing natural environment. Our definition of a brilliant collaboration is when the elegant outcome of the design effort is so integral with what was already there that there are no overtly visible “design elements”, there are is no sign of the authors leaving their “stamp”. The result is then greater than the sum of the parts. A collaboration with nature, in the fullest sense.

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