• Located: Cambridge, MA

Big Story:

A highly successful non-profit organization approached Poore & Co. to design their headquarters and part of the process was to tell their story as an integral part of the interior design. Through carefully orchestrated focus groups we drew out the essence of their mission, vision, culture, process, and product to create a cohesive story. The company provides micro-finance and business mentoring on a worldwide platform. The design includes an interactive world map with color-coded magnets that represent the various stages of business conception,

finance, mentoring, and market success around the globe. This was coupled with a visual installation of the processes and products that the company had helped give birth to. The centerpiece of the entire story was a gallery of the people whose lives had been touched by the care and mentoring provided by this visionary non-profit organization. The celebration of empowering these individuals to transform whole villages into healthy sustainable communities is captured in the big story.

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